Friday, 15 February 2013

Unemployed graduate who spent last £500 on billboard begging for a job spends first pay packet on another to say thank you

He made headlines around the world after using his last £500 on a huge billboard advert begging employers to give him a job.
And it appears the ploy paid off after 24-year-old Adam Pacitti landed a position with a top media firm.
Delighted with his new employed status, Mr Pacitti has now used his first pay packet to fund another huge billboard in Shoreditch, London, reading: 'I spent my first wage packet on this billboard. Thank you for helping me.'

What a difference a month makes: Unemployed graduate Adam Pacitti initially paid £500 to use a billboard to beg for a job

Giving something back: Adam Pacitti has spent his first paycheck putting a thank you note on a billboard a month after using the advertising stands to beg for a job

Brilliant !!!

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