Friday, 4 January 2013

Bizzare Beauty treatments- Senegal style: Women have their gums tattooed black to improve their smiles

women in Senegal are their quest for beautiful smiles to extreme levels - by tattooing their gums black. 
Women in the west African country say their ancestors have been doing it for years and claim as well as giving a whiter smile, the procedure also protects the gums and stops bad breath. 
The procedure was not well known internationally until recently when a video emerged showing a woman called Mariéme who goes under the needle.

See Video below;

Seven layers of the mixture are pricked into the gums with a needleThe woman's gums are tattooed with a mixture of burnt oil and shea butter

Now, this is really Bizzare...cannot actually comprehend how blackening the gums gives a "perfect smile"...*straight face*

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