Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Upcoming Act, Tiwa Banks Brutally Stabbed By Landlord’s Son

She is young ,pretty and vibrant yet as of this morning, she lay in a pool of her own blood, desperately fighting for her life. Her name is Tiwa Banks.
Tiwa Banks is an upcoming act  who sang a  track called ‘Olen le’ .According to un-named sources, the young woman had been approached several times by her landlord’s son who had a keen interest in being intimately involved with her. The attacker  has been identified as Tobi Obadina  and he had approached her on several occasions to make his feelings known. However on this fateful day, they had argued earlier when he accosted her on her way to the ladies. This argument is what might have led to the attack at night. That night, Tobi barged into Tiwa’s home and attacked her severally with a bottle. He was said to have broken the bottle on her head and stabbed her repeatedly with the broken bottle. He was caught at the scene by her brother and a neighbour where he promptly fled leaving Tiwa in a pool of her own blood.
What a shame :(

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